We produce oak lamella by special technology named ‘’wet or moist way’’- fresh round timber is cutting into prisms and then follows sawing to lamella. Further it is dried in box kilns. There lamella is drying until 5-8 % moisture according requirement of costumer. We used band saw ‘’Wood-Miser’’ for cutting fresh wood into prisms and machine “Neva Trade” for sawing into lamella. Lamella is drying in the box of the company “Suzar” ltd.

After that follows calibration, sorting and formatting according to the costumer’s particular demand.

The calibration is carried out with the aid of Rotoles system.

We produce oak lamella of high quality because we take advantages of modern technologies and longtime knowledge of our working team. The absolute proof of this is absence of complains and returning goods.

Grade A - clear, grade B, grade C, grade D.