Product: oak lamellas

Thickness: 3,0 – 4,5 mm tolerance + - 0,2 mm
Width: from 100 – 210 mm / normy program,
from 240 – 270 mm / program XL tolerance + - 1,5 mm
Length: from 1 200 – 2 450 mm tolerance + - 1,5 mm
Bending “ banana effect” tolerance 1 mm/1 bm

We are preparing of producing oak lamella in length 5m /program XL.

The sorting are made according to standard requirement for this type of product and respect the limits of 4 grades A/B/C/D.

Grade A
All sides clear , sound knots to 10 mm and soft colour’s variation are allowed.
Grade B
Bright appearance, sound knots aren’t limited, soft cracks, dead knots to 25 mm and medium colour’s variation are allowed.
Grade C
Rustic appearance, dead knots to 35 mm, soft cracks in surfaces and in edges, sap and different colour’s variation are allowed.
Grade D
Colourful variation, sap, knots and cracks aren’t limited.
The moisture of lamellas are 5% – 9% according the specific requirement of each costumer. The tolerance of moisture is 1.5%. The humidity are taked the measurements by hygrometer Merlin HM8-WS5.
Palletized only one length on pallet on all ten pieces, steelband and plastic around each bundle. Each pallet must be marked with quantity (pcs, m2), quality, dimension, material, moisture, bundle number.