About company

The company Alan Les was established in 2005 with purpose to built woodworking manufacture in Alania, located in the North Osetia. Their leaders Mr. Pavel Soldan and Mr. Sergej Bekmurzov took advantage from their long-time experience of supply woodworking technology and trade with cut timber.

This project was successfully realized and new faktory with volume of produce 1700 m3 of round timber was put in working order. Besides we realized two big projects of supply woodworking technology in the Ukrajine in 2008. In this time we began collaborated with company DANVEN, who produced oak lamellas from 1998. Both companies got together in second half of 2009 year thereby they succesfully connected longtime experience of management of the trade company and manufacture. The new subjekt Alan Les ltd come into market with wood flooring as respectable knowing partner.

In this time the manufacture is running in Ukraine and in the Czech Republic. Volume production of oak lamellas was 60 000 m2 in 2010 year and 100 000 m2 in 2011 year already. Increase of volume production was affected everlasting investments into modernisation and new technology.